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Transforming FEAR into LOVE Workshop

Saturday, November 24 and December 1,  2012. 3-5 pm at Bagu, 4736 NE 2nd Ave – Miami, FL 33137

“How your mental and emotional thoughts affect your unborn baby”

During pregnancy it is almost impossible not to encounter fear. The unknown of what will be is always around the corner. When you can accept fear as a stepping stone of change, when you can allow yourselves to feel fear and pass through the feeling, you can release fear and transform it into source of power that will take you back to love.

This love is trust and true acceptance of yourself and your process. Regardless of how many pregnancies, each one gives you the opportunity to birth your own personal power, a power that will allow you to nurture life.

Love is the highest vibration to nurture your unborn baby. Love is what makes pregnancy blissful. Love is what makes it possible.

We invite you in this workshop to overcome your fears so they won’t be shadows lurking, but for your fears to be a catalyst to birth yourself anew, gain courage and wisdom for the journey that waits ahead, birthing your baby and becoming a mother.


Release FEAR, Transform FEAR, and make your pregnancy an experience that will help you evolve and surrender to the magnificent energy of creation that is flowing through you as you create life. This workshop is a great opportunity for you to do your inner work before your bundle of joy rests in your arms.

  • Do you have fears?
  • Why not look at your fears?
  • Why not feel your fears?
  • Why not release it now?

Fear is a catalyst to get you to your natural state…LOVE!

Transform Fear into Love Workshop
Awakening The Senses to Connect to Your Unborn Baby

January 16 and 24 2013.  5:00 – 7;00 PM

Prenatal Plus – Yoga, Inc.
401 Miracle Mile,
Suite 405
Coral Gables, FL 33134

This is a fun and inspiring workshop created for expectant mother’s to connect and communicate love to their unborn baby through the five senses. The discovery and awakening of the senses are used to deepen the connection a mother has with herself and her baby. The exercises developed are unique and experiential for pregnant women to connect to their sixth sense, the greatest guide, their own intuition. Join Daniela and Kim as they take you and your baby on a wonderful magical blissful journey.

“The blissful you are, the blissful is your baby”

Awaken the senses workshop

Intuitive Communication with your Unborn Child

Begin Communicating with your unborn baby through telepathy and energy.  Establish your bond and enhance one of the most important intelligence of motherhood, your innate intuition.  In this workshop we will use mantras, meditation, celestial communication, and fun intuitive exercises to get in touch with your unborn child NOW!

Celestial and Intuitive Communication

Daniela and Kim will show you exercises and  give you tools through meditation, movement, and art using an innovative approach as well as using the ancient wisdom of the earth that has helped women during pregnancy since the beginning of time.


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