vidya2.pnjI had a most incredible experience on Big Island this visit. My husband and I were visiting the island for our baby moon with me being 6 months pregnant. He has ever since been fantasizing me giving birth with the dolphins. Synchronicities works in mysteries ways. Ever since we got to the island people were asking if we will go swimming with the dolphins.

I am a non swimmer and have a morbid fear for deep waters where I cant stand. Someone gave us Kims contact as told us she will be the best person to take me swimming with the dolphins. I reached out to her and she was sweet enough to respond immediately. We set up a morning for us to meet and I basically couldn’t sleep that night dreading to get in the water.
When I met Kim I instantly felt the connection and trust to go with her into the deep waters. We rented a paddboard and Kim and my husband pulled me to where the dolphins were. It was a most exhilarating experience. My adrenalin was pumping and the fear of water was peaking but Kim ever so gently helped me get into the water. I had my life jacket on but I help on to the paddle board for dear life. I had a breakdown where I cried and was hyperventilating. Kim’s encouraging and kind words helped me move through my fear and let go a little at a time will i was comfortable being in the water and looked down with my snorkel at the dolphins. There were so many of them and so close to us circling us. Their presence made me overcome my fear even more and enjoy their playful antics.
Letting go of my fears a bit at a time opened up so much space that I was ready to try it again and we went out again in the waters another day and swam with the dolphins.
This is not the end of the story.. The best part is yet unmaifested and yet to come. We dream of having our little princess on the Big Island close to the dolphins and Kim will be the one to thank to make our dreams a reality. She is by far a mermaid that has a deep connection with the dolphins..
Stay tuned to the continuation of this story..
Much love and Mahalo
Vidya and Keoni

Ina and martin jan 2015 24 weeks pregnant first wild dolphin swim

Dear Kim,

With lots of pleasure we are writing you about our magical experience.

„When we found out that we are expecting our first child, it was Ina’s biggest wish to come once again to Hawaii to swim in the ocean accompanied by the sounds of dolphins and whales. You can really say that it was an inner urge or an inner calling that brought us to the wonderful Big Island. At that time we did not even dream about the experience that we were about to embark on. After several hours on the plane we were having a rest at an organic food store to treat ourselves with some healthy food when we overheard a conversation about „swimming with dolphins“ and how the dolphins interact with pregnant women. We were fascinated the moment we heard about this possibility but though the women who talked about the experience was greeting us with a warm and uplifting smile, we were both too shy and tired at that time to inquire. Nevertheless the idea of swimming and interacting with dolphins got hold of us and therefore we checked the internet in the following days who might be offering such a service. As it turned out it was this wonderful lady with the warm smile, Kim! In hindsight we definitely call it fate how we encountered Kim and her amazing work.

It started off with watching her impressive video documentary about Naiya’s birth that she put up on her website. After watching the video we were impressed about her courage to let others share her wonderful birthing experience and knew that we wanted to meet this person who advocates the beauty of birth in tune with nature!

And after one very nice text exchange and a two calls we finally met Kim at Kealakekua Bay, where she already knew that the dolphins were there. You should have seen Ina at the moment that we were standing at the corner of the beach overlooking the playful dolphins. She was beaming with joy and anticipation (if you would have seen her in that moment you would directly call your travel agent and book the next flight to Big Island!!!). Knowing that Ina was ready for her personal playtime with the dolphins Kim calmly guided us to our own especial encounter. And at this point the real „magic“ happened. As we came close to the dolphins Kim took a step back, always being near us, but letting us and especially Ina have her own personal encounter with the dolphins. And so very naturally Ina got closer to a group of 10 dolphins, among them some mothers with baby dolphins who swam by her side, looking at her and making contact with her and our child. This was a profound, pure and magical experience for her. As she later said to me „until the point of her dolphin encounter I felt some kind of burden on my heart, which hindered me from feeling pure joy and fun for some time, but the moment I spend in the family of the dolphins this burden was lifted from my heart and I felt completely light-hearted again“.

Thank you Kim, for being there for us in these moments of joy and playfulness. Thank you for being our guide on our dolphin journey and for your very own open, kind and open hearted and minded way of not only interacting with the dolphins but also with all the humans that cross your way. You have not only introduced to the magic of the dolphins, but you did much more for us. All the wonderful discussions with you and your family that we were fortunate to meet that day open our hearts and minds and left us with thoughts and memories that deeply moved us and that we will never forget.

And finally thank you for having us participate in your very own journey from your first interactions with the dolphins, the birth of your daughter to who you are today! You are a wonderful, inspiring human being and we are looking forward to meet you again when we will bring our child to this wonderful island of yours.“

Thank you so much!

Ina sends her best wishes and we wish you a wonderful full-moon experience with the dolphins! In our hearts we will be by your side!!!!

Best regards,

Ina and Martin (January 2015) visiting from Germany.

maria and naiyaMy husband and I read a book a few years back in which one chapter touched the subject of dolphins being attracted to pregnant women we thought it was amazing so of course a couple of years later when we found out we were expecting I went immediately to google to do more research on the subject. That’s how I came to find Kim and her documentary of the birth of her beautiful baby girl Naiya. After watching her story I knew with every part of my body that I wanted to have the baby in Hawaii and swim with the dolphins. I immediately contacted Kim and everything was so easy and flowing, I tend to want to have everything very organized and she thought me to surrender to the unknown and trust that everything will be provided for me in perfect order and so I did I trusted and within a week I booked my ticket, found a home to live and a car to rent. At the time I was only 3 months pregnant but I wanted to come and experience Hawaii early to get an idea of what it will be like to come have and have the baby in the Island. I was also living a stressful time at home and I knew that taking a step back from my everyday life will be good both for me and the baby. I will never forget the moment I met Kim, I immediately felt a connection, like if I had know her my whole life, she made me feel so comfortable and at peace with my decision. I spent one month in Hawaii swimming with the dolphins and experiencing the magic of the Island, it’s not easy to describe with words the feeling of bliss of being in the water with these magical beings its like stepping in a different dimension in which you are completely in the present moment and nothing else matters only pure joy and love. Sharing this moment with Kim was for me the cherry on top ! the dolphins love her and it comes so easy for her to communicate and connect with them. I believe Hawaii is a magical place, the energy of the Island will take you places that you never knew were possible, the dolphins are a huge part of that and so are the people. I have nothing but love in my heart when I think of the moments I lived there and as I prepare my self to go back for the birth of my child I can only stay with the magic in my heart as I carry with me everywhere I go. Thank you Kim for all the love, the friendship, the sisterhood and I can’t wait to have you by my side as my baby enters the world. maria with dolphinsMaria (November-December 2015)

tashas belly underwater copy

 Tasha swimming in laborIt came to me. I was going to have an unassisted birth… A little taken back by this since I’ve never consciously heard of an unassisted birth. So I waited to stumble upon my answer of how/ why unassisted.

That’s when I came across unassistedbirth.com. It all became so clear and felt so right! I was to have an unassisted birth! Of course now I would start you tubing every unassisted birth video I could.

While searching I found Kimberly’s documentary with the dolphins! Another “ah-ha” moment! I had no idea how this would come into fruition I just knew it would.

Ten days before heading out to Hawaii (I had already booked my ticket) a Facebook friend had one of her friends contact me.  Also telling me about her and that she swims with the dolphins all the time. Later that night we spoke and came to find out it was Kimbely Nelli!

She welcomed me with open arms as soon as I arrived in Kona.  Meeting Kim and living with Kim from the beginning has been nothing but love.  Being pregnant sometimes, at least for me you can feel a bit lonely and unsupported.  Kim just takes that away.  She is very supportive and there for you for anything you might need or even someone to talk to.  She’s there, every step of the way.

The dolphin led work she does is indescribable; it’s something out of a kid’s story book. “I’ve heard of her, it’s like the dolphins are wherever she is” this was said by a mutual friend name Saa.  And I feel this is true.  Dolphins and Kim go hand in hand.  It is something that I know she wishes for anyone whom she attracts into her life and feels the need to connect with them.  I love her so much and will never forget the hospitality and love she showed me when going out to Hawaii. Life is truly amazing and if you come across Kim, you won’t be disappointed!

blissed out copy

-Tasha Maile and Soul

maya lila aloha sign copy

maya lila 4 copy

My time with Kimberly was magical. I felt completely supported and nurtured during this intense transitional phase of my life – following my intuition to move to Hawaii to give birth was terrifying, but Kimberly was incredibly helpful and generous with her time and friendship. Easy to connect with, she’s positive, organized, reliable, and calm. She provides the perfect presence for an expectant mother. In addition she’s an expert on the dolphins that inhabit the bays of the big island. She facilitated my first-ever swim with the dolphins, which had a profound effect on me. It was an experience I will never forget.



maya lila and baby shasta-Maya Lila and Shasta

fiona pregnant hawaii

fionapreggosunsetI am the mother of a beautiful baby boy born in November of 2013, after a conscious pregnancy retreat with Kim at Whalesong Sanctuary. The two and a half months there were a miraculous gift to my son, my community and myself. In an exquisite natural setting surrounded by art, I felt that time stood still, I was safe, and I could truly be present to the child growing within me and all the emotional, spiritual and physical changes occurring. In addition, sensitive, creative and brilliant people forming the community there offered chances to learn, expand, be supported and loved, and share the deep joy bubbling up from my soul. I realized that a truly successful pregnancy, for the mother and for the child, actually requires this sort of environment and community. The more children who can have a gentle experience like this in the womb, and mothers who are cared for an supported, the more peaceful, beautiful and kind this world will be. This is one of the best opportunities to use resources wisely to make the world a better place because pregnancy, birth and childhood are particularly influential events. Getting in touch with nature, developing sensibilities to art and spiritual practices, self-care, and sharing loving community has a powerful impact, and a retreat center helps remove one from distractions and enter a space of consciousness. Kim helped me to unwind, enjoy, look to the future with confidence and trust the process as things came up, mindfully and with love. I had some stressful events happen during the pregnancy, and I believe that doing this retreat protected my son and me from that strain and gave me a wealth of resources to draw from for the future. I often look back on my experience as one of the best times of my life, and it gives me peace and joy whenever I think of it.


Fiona and Maitre

Jakie sabin pregnant

My pregnancy was an extraordinary time in my life full of bliss, beauty, and growth (spiritually and physically)! During a portion of that time I lived with Kim at Whalesong Sanctuary in Kealakekua Bay. I was so grateful to live with her, not only because of her wealth of knowledge on pregnancy and gentle birthing, but also because I loved being around her light and strong spirit that shined through our friendship. I felt like I played and laughed to the fullest during my pregnancy and Kim was a huge part of that.We had fun doing prenatal workouts, ecstatic dance, and my very favorite – swimming with the dolphins.  She was a great friend to me in a very sacred time of my life. IMG_7269 -Jakie Sabin and Elan

I found Conscious Pregnancy retreats in a time of crisis when I needed to be strong and healthy the most.  I was dealing with an unplanned pregnancy with my first child at 37 years old which hospitals have a term for, AMA – (Advance Maternal Age) also known as a high risk pregnancy. Nonetheless I was excited and scared at the same time but felt it was my time to be a mother and God blessed me and I was going to embrace my blessing.

Ana V
Ana Conscious Pregnancy Malibu Retreat

A few months into my pregnancy, I encountered every problem a pregnant woman shouldn’t at this time in her life. My relationship was broken, my body was attacking me, my mind was tangled and my spirit was cloudy.   How could I go from a baby announcement party to this tornado of chaos that has me contemplating whether I can really do this?

The healthcare providers, although experts and wonderful in their field had nothing to offer me but narcotic pain medications and maybe a fully insured covered vacation to the psych ward.  My family and friends offered to help but I didn’t want to feel like a burden to them and they have a life and problems of their own. Also they couldn’t take my physical pain away.

I was home one night and I was drowning in tears with no solutions or help in sight.  I was talking to God and asking if He had abandoned me and begging for help. So I did what most people did in search of an answer…I went to Google.  I didn’t know exactly what I was searching for but I awaited the results with high hopes. In the search engine I wrote something to the effect “organizations that take in pregnant women who are having a difficulty pregnancy”. Conscious Pregnancy Retreats kept coming up on the top of my search results again and again.  I finally decided to call after reading Kim’s story. I felt we had the same themes in our pregnancy just different story lines.  I still had reservations telling a perfect stranger my story so I decided to call from a private number. No one picked up. Than I finally decided to unblock my number and call her. She answered and I offered nothing but heavy breathing like a crank caller. As she
repeatedly said hello, I finally responded with “give me a minute” and she did. I started off slowly telling her my story and than laid all my problems over the phone and she was patient and understanding. At the end of our conversation which lasted for over an hour she said that her pregnancy retreat in July in Hawaii would be beneficial to me. Just one problem for me. It was May. I told her I couldn’t wait until July, that I was in crisis now. Long story short, she designed a private pregnancy retreat for me in Malibu, CA and Florida where she and her husband James were located at the time.

The private pregnancy retreat they designed for me was nothing less of a lifeline. They both provided me with constant talk therapy with no judgment, healthy organic meals, educational resources, therapeutic services such as prenatal massages, exercises specifically designed for pregnant women, guided meditation, midwife appointments, spiritual groups and energy healers and in a beautiful environment looking out into the ocean and cliffs. It was a one stop shop tailored specific to my needs and interests and their suggestions as they got to know me. I was never left alone and felt so supported which made a world of difference to me.  The entire time I was there my physical pain was diminishing and completely disappeared with no medication. I would have never been able to put these services together for myself in the current state of mind that I was and could not find anything like it anywhere.

On another note, I think its unfortunate that health insurance providers would not cover such a program even though my emergency room visits and prescriptions which are covered by health insurance are definitely triple the cost of this retreat. The retreats are not only ran and include educated and certified professionals but also people who have similar life experiences which was important to me because like others I felt like I was the only one having a breakdown at what was suppose to be the happiest time of my life.

My pregnancy retreat lasted about a month and it was the best thing I ever did for myself and my baby.  I wish I found out about it sooner instead of suffering alone for so long. I wish more women had knowledge and access to this amazing resource. If I didn’t do this for myself, I would probably not be in a good place right now. I am now better equipped to manage and in much less physical and emotional pain. Because of them I returned home with a renewed strength and confidence knowing that I had an extended family that was there for me who still keeps in touch with me til this day.

About 3 more months to baby! Thanks Kim and James.

Forever indebted to you

Ana from Boston

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