Swim With The Wild Dolphins During Your Pregnancy

jinju dive dolphins ws

The most common response after swimming with the wild spinner dolphins is:

Indescribable…there are no words to express the way I feel.

Enjoy a few videos of pregnant women swimming with the wild spinner dolphins here in Hawaii!

Swimming with the dolphins activates a mom and her baby on a cellular and spiritual level.  It brings joy, comfort, bliss, happiness, peace, bonding, love, and oneness.  Nothing else in the world matters during these moments.  Truly being in the moment.

Many women feel swimming with the dolphins has healed them consciously and subconsciously…and for some it has changed and transformed their lives forever.

Dolphin swims are on a Donation basis.  Donations usually range from $150-$300

This is a private and intimate experience for you, your baby, and your family if you choose to invite them:)

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