Reflecting on Marias dolphin led birth journey for the documentary Imagine Our World Happy

Reflecting on the beautiful journey of Maria Alfonsin: Imagine Our World Happy, healing our world through dolphins pregnancy and childbirth…

What a blessing to meet maria in her early pregnancy!  From the moment we had our first skype talk it was instant soul sisterhood!  and her partner Matthew is a pretty cool guy too 🙂

Arriving to Hawaii at the end of her first trimester/early second to test the dolphin waters… what magical fun days we had, deep journeys into trust and joy…Such an honor to witness each moment of letting go and filling up with more joy and happiness from sound healings, drum circles, birth art, her amazing cooking skills for our retreat, and living in true sisterhood!

The way you birthed your sweet girl into this world will always be remembered!

Enjoy my reflections on her journey with commentary and photos! Please feel free to share and give feedback!

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