The Mind Body Soul Approach to Natural Childbirth

The Mind, Body Soul Approach to Natural Childbirth

How to prepare for the deeply mysterious, unpredictable and uncontrollable journey of pregnancy and natural childbirth.

Why was the Mind, Body and Soul Approach to Natural Childbirth created?

Ninety-five percent of low-risk women could give birth without medical intervention. About one quarter want to, but only 2 percent actually do. A thorough preparation course needed to be created to assist pregnant women in fulfilling their dream birth by making educated decisions that honor her heart’s desire to birth her baby the way she desires and deserves.

Who is the Mind, Body and Soul approach to Natural Childbirth program designed for?

Women who are ready to embrace the unknown journey of pregnancy and childbirth with an open heart and mind, inspired to believe in themselves and body to experience her dream birth.

She must be willing to set aside time for herself to be present with her mind, body, and soul to prepare for her individual experience.
Why an individualized approach to Natural Childbirth?

Pregnancy and childbirth are individual experiences, no two the same.  You are given somewhat of a finite time, usually around 8 months, from the time of knowing you are pregnant to the time you go into labor, to prepare.  During pregnancy, many women may feel lots of different emotions and unsure about the entire birth process and how to prepare for it.

The Mind Body and Soul approach to Natural Childbirth focuses on creating a harmonious connection between these 3 realms, allowing you to feel happy, healthy and confident throughout pregnancy and childbirth.  Experience a deep sense of knowing of who you truly are, what you want, and trusting your intuition.  When your mind, body and soul are in harmony; trust, peace, love, happiness and confidence are the forces guiding you to your perfect birth.

What makes the Mind, Body and Soul approach to Natural childbirth different from other natural birth programs?

Many books, classes and programs offer information, stories, and tools to help prepare a pregnant woman’s mind and physical body for a natural birth … But what about her soul?

We have been born into a culture that has created separation between our mind, body and soul leaving many of us feeling unfulfilled and on a constant search for deeper understanding and happiness.  This separation of mind body and soul is also exemplified in our American birth culture as it has rapidly moved from the home as a natural process, to the hospital where it is managed by doctors, nurses and machines.  The majority of the population now treats Childbirth as another thing to fit into their busy schedule instead of one of the greatest transformational rites in a woman’s life.

The Mind, Body and Soul method offers a holistic approach of integrating knowledge, movement, nutrition, heart connection, intuition, and soul purpose as a guide for you to feel healthy, connected to the Divine, and confident to trust in yourself, body, thoughts and feelings throughout pregnancy and birth.

The Mind, Body and Soul method emphasizes the importance of these 3 components to be connected and harmonized to experience your desired birth.

How has the shift from Childbirth being a natural process to a mechanized event affected a woman’s experience?

Moving the majority of births to the hospital has created disconnect between a woman and her body.  It has almost completely eliminated the opportunity for a natural birth without medications and interventions.

The shift to hospital births followed our rapidly changing culture from a nature led to a more science led, predictable and orderly lifestyle.  In order for Childbirth, a natural uncontrollable event, to fit into the changing cultural beliefs it had to become more scientific with predictable outcomes.  As a result during the last 70 to 80 years we have witnessed and experienced the “new” way of childbirth that has become mechanized and viewed by media, peers, parents, grandparents, and the medical institutions as a painful, scary and potentially a dangerous process that should happen in the hospital where it can be managed.

Bringing birth to the hospital brings conformity, predictability and a “sense of  safety”.  Hospital policies have a textbook formula outlined for childbirth as well as many unnecessary preparations of a mother’s body in case there is a “problem”.  When the laboring woman does not abide by the “rules” of labor and birth the natural process is augmented in different ways in order for it to conform to the “norms”.  98% of childbirths in the United States take place in the hospital and most of these births experience some sort of unnatural intervention during labor, birth, or the time directly after delivery.

Our perception of childbirth has been culturally programmed as an event that needs management from outside oneself. When a woman wishes to deviate from what is culturally accepted she may experience friction.

The 2% of women who choose to birth naturally outside the hospital may feel looked down upon, told they are uneducated, that they are being selfish, putting themselves and baby into danger and the list goes on. These women need to be extremely courageous and trust their deep knowing to withstand the negative cultural perceptions of a safe and natural process.

When these woman say yes to a birth that takes place at home, birth center, or anywhere outside the hospital, fear inside women may still arise generating questions about the safety of natural childbirth such as what does a midwife do when there is an emergency; why would one need to be transported; is there enough time to know if something is wrong with the baby; how can you tell if something is wrong and how close they need to be to a hospital in case something does happen?  With these fears that something negative can happen during the birth process, potentially bringing harm to themself or baby, a woman may put the responsibility of her birth into someone else’s hands and many times this may be an unconscious decision.

In a way, the shift of childbirth from home to hospital has mentally, emotionally and physically affected all childbearing women.  Whether in or out of the hospital a pregnant woman may consciously or subconsciously give up her responsibility, power and trust in her body, in herself and her birth experience to someone or technological machines.

It may be hard to believe that many women feel pressured to birth differently than they imagine.  Partners, loved ones, peers, and the media can greatly influence a woman’s choice.  This pressure usually guides a woman away from her innate guidance creating disconnect whereby she gives in not wanting to upset someone or “put her baby in danger”.  Her feelings and intuition on what is right for her may be negatively judged or dismissed.

But you have a choice!

At any moment we have the choice to trust in our innate wisdom and question our current belief system, habits, patterns, and way of being, to reflect on our thoughts and feelings and seek guidance to assist us to create a birth that is in alignment with our purpose and happiness; even if it differs with those close to us.

What is the significance of childbirth as a natural event?

Childbirth is one of the greatest examples of the power of nature and our inability to control it.  No matter how many tools, gadgets, and educational degrees, whether at home, birth center or in the hospital, childbirth outcomes can’t be fully controlled or guaranteed.

The Mind, Body and Soul method embraces and honors the power and unpredictability of nature and shares tools allowing the mother to ride in the flow of the unknown with feelings of deep trust.

The course emphasizes the incredible opportunity to surrender to this magical event and why it is ok to be vulnerable to fully experience the higher forces outside oneself during natural childbirth.

How does the Mind, Body and Soul approach to Natural Childbirth work?

The program allows a woman an opportunity to make the choice to take full responsibility for herself and her childbirth.  She will feel her power, trust her innate wisdom, nurture her body, and be completely knowledgeable, confident and educated, eliminating many of the fears around pregnancy and childbirth.

Learn how to acknowledge and balance your mind, body and soul allowing you to know when and how to use your mind, body and innate wisdom synergistically. This harmonic relationship can be your greatest guide during childbirth.

What is the goal of the Mind, Body and Soul approach to Natural Childbirth?

Our goal is each woman will feel confident, educated and excited as her due date approaches. She will be clear on the birth experience her soul desires and know how to connect and trust in her innate wisdom to allow her mind and body to surrender to the unknown mystical process.  She will be open to receive loving guidance from within and from her chosen birth attendants, allowing for her perfect birth journey.

The Mind, Body and Soul approach to Natural Childbirth does not guarantee you will receive your “birth plan” childbirth.  Ultimately nature can’t be controlled and your journey may take you places you never thought or dreamed of.

Does the Mind, Body and Soul approach to Natural Childbirth work for births planned in the hospital?

The woman who chooses to give birth naturally in a hospital has a much larger stream to swim up.  Again ninety-five percent of low-risk women could give birth without medical intervention. About one quarter want to, but only 2 percent actually do. United States Hospital statistics show a national 32-33% c-section rate, Pitocin is basically administered 100% of the time with 43% of the time used for induction or augmentation and believe it or not it Pitocin is routinely administered directly after the baby is born, often without a woman’s knowledge or consent. There is a 65% epidural rate, which does not include c-sections, and these automatically come with a catheter and nearly 100% of the time Iv lines are administered and hospital gowns are worn as routine.

It is not impossible to have the birth you desire in the hospital but education of these often unnecessary and commonly used interventions is strongly encouraged and your deep knowing of who you are and what is right for you and your baby has to be so strong that you are able to say no and refuse doctors and nurses suggestions during a time that you are the most vulnerable.  Many times women feel they will not have to “fight” for their desired birth. They create their birth plan, say their doctor is onboard and supports them and it won’t be challenging to refuse the epidural, fetal monitor strap, Iv, Pitocin, breaking the water, episiotomy, and C-section.  However, the reality of hospital births is exemplified in the intervention statistics.

Many women will never know how challenging it is to say no until they are in the moment of labor and delivery…extremely vulnerable, and the doctor explains why she needs an intervention suggesting non compliance may be putting herself and baby at risk.

In hospital culture, doctors, nurses and machines know best and the mother should do the “right” thing and comply for the health and safety of herself and baby.  The woman is complying to the system of mechanical birth and giving up her own identity, her connection to herself, her baby and the birth she had hoped for, often leaving her with the feeling that her body was not able to perform the natural process of birth.

In my opinion and from the births I have witnessed, experienced and heard, choosing to have a birth without interventions or medications led by your mind body and soul is accommodated and nurtured with greater ease outside of the hospital.

With this said, The Mind, Body and Soul method does not exclude hospital births as a viable option to support your best birth.  There are many ways to experience childbirth and no birth journey is the same. A hospital birth may be the perfect experience for you, whether planned or unplanned.

Is the Mind, Body and Soul approach to Natural Childbirth right for you?

If you want to feel empowered, connected to the Divine, and trust in your innate wisdom throughout labor and childbirth, this program may be right for you. Imagine celebrating your pregnancy and childbirth in a new way, as an opportunity to heal, release and transform.

What is included in the Mind, Body and Soul approach to Natural Childbirth program?

This encompassing heartfelt program will include knowledge, tools, techniques, stories and guidance offering you opportunities to reflect on who you are, what you want, and how you may achieve the birth you desire.

This program in itself is a spiritual journey, creating opportunities for you to explore your everyday life, values and dreams …

If you would like a free 20 minute consultation to see if this individualized program is right for you please email or call 786-200-8949 to set up an appointment.

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