imagine our world happy documentary Dorina Rosin’s dolphin assited birth…the truth

Imagine our world happy!  Dorina and Maika go on the unexpected journey of pregnancy, birth, and parenting…As reflect on their journey i am sitting in awe…the world of trust she and they live in.

They chose not to have any tests or ultra sounds throughout their pregnancy including a pregnancy test itself…not even a home pee test… that was the beginning of questioning for them and how they want to bring their baby into the world.

Diving deep into releasing fears and past traumas, their beautiful sound healings, dolphin swims, birth art, body painting, blessing way and connecting with ohana (family)

She is the 5th women in the documentary and because she lived in Hawaii we all came together over her pregnancy, being surrounded by many pregnant women and them sharing in their journeys and births!

like always feedback and sharing are greatly appreciated!  Campaign should be going live Jan 2, 2016

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