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 Dreams Come True!

Jinju and the dolphins 35 weeks pregnant

If you are like me, you are attracted to the dolphins and feel extremely connected to them…you may even want to swim with the wild dolphins during your pregnancy, labor and birth…This is what I wanted to do in 2011 and my dreams came true!

You can view my dream birth HERE: Naiya Journey Into Life.

This is in my heart, this is my dream…to assist others to experience their dream birth, to be be in nature, to swim with the wild dolphins, to step out of the go go go, and simply be present in paradise, birthing their baby they way they choose.

More and more women are wanting a dolphin assisted birth!

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The dolphin and pregnancy connection is magical.  Many women have had dreams or visions of dolphins for years, or their attraction to the dolphins may be completely new during pregnancy.  This attraction is not a coincidence, or random, it is a calling, and when we listen to our calling, our hearts greatest joy, we experience the magic, the birth of a new way of being and living, pure happiness and joy, unconditional love and acceptance.  We believe we are currently living the dolphin prophecy.  We are being united through the dolphins, to bring more peace, love and joy to our world.  These star babies are asking this of us and desiring to be with the dolphins.

“The dolphins are helping us grow.  Even beyond what we may all know.  It’s the same dream we share, here on earth.  To unite with each other, for a magical birth.”

the dolphin prophecy unity is born david jimenez

You may wonder, how does a dolphin assisted birth work?

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A dolphin led birth is truly unique and organic.

If you are at all feeling called to be with the dolphins during your pregnancy you may have a few questions.  These are the most common questions and answers:

What is a dolphin assisted birth?

The Hawaiian spinner dolphins are wild dolphins.  There are a few pods known as resident dolphins that frequent a few bays in South Kona.  These bays have been hosting dolphin/human interactios for over 30 years, allowing us to unite in peace, love, joy, and harmony.  It is very difficult to find a lot of research or experiences of dolphin assisted births.  I believe this is because most of our world is not ready to receive and accept this unification.  Because of the large amount of fear from the greater population, the dolphin assisted birth has not happened or been documented in the way one might think.

To us, a dolphin assisted birth is experiencing the dolphins during pregnancy and labor.  Activating ourselves and unborn babies.  It is the healing, conscious activating experiences that burst open our hearts and allow us to see and feel what is ultimately inside of us, freedom and unconditional love, acceptance, happiness and purity.

As we unite with the dolphins in the water during such a transformational time in life, we are healing ourselves and the world, we are stepping deeper into our hearts, into the universal truth, and understanding of what truly is important to us.  We are able to step away from all of the things we have been raised to believe, raised to do, and conditioned to be, and authentically feel and live our truth, our joy, our dreams!

Bursting in love and excitement during pregnancy is creating the imprint for the unborn baby, that we live in joy, we live in unity, we can live our dreams.  Bathing in the love hormone of Oxytocin provides the unborn baby with the safest and nourishing environment to grow and develop.

These babies are calling us to the dolphins to heal ourselves and lay the pathway for our future generations.  The dolphins are simply beings who live in peace, love, harmony, consciousness…they are living examples that we can witness, feel, and be part of…allowing us to know that this is truly who we are…the oneness, the love, the beauty.

Some women swim with the dolphins for months before the baby is born while other moms come just a few weeks before the baby arrives.  There are no rules or regulations…the timing is simply divine in all circumstances.

Where do I stay?

Ultimately, our dream is to have our own birth sanctuary, retreat house, and eco village here on the Big Island.  As we are consciously creating our dream, we assist moms, couples and families on finding the perfect location and home for their needs.  We recommend staying in South Kona, as this is where the dolphins hang out.

Usually women/families rent a room in a house, rent an ohana or house, or stay at a sweet sanctuary.  We have a list of people who support our vision, support gentle birth, home birth, and offer their homes or spaces.

Prenatal care and the actual birth?

We support all women who have the dream to be here on the big island.  Because Hawaii does not have legal regulations for midwives to follow, there are many options.  We can provide vbacs, twins, breach…

We also support women who want an unassisted birth and those who feel more comfortable in the hospital.

This is truly your unique experience and we are simply here to say yes!  You can do it.

When choosing a midwife, we work with a few who fully support the dolphin human connection.

Birth is an organic experience and we fully trust in the authenticity and flow of labor and delivery.  We trust in the mom and her intuition as she guides her baby into this world.

How much do dolphin assisted births cost?

  • Average housing cost per month is between $1,000 to $2,500 depending on the accommodation you choose.
  • Prenatal care, birth, and postnatal care from a midwife ranges between $2000 and $3000.
  • Food averages about $700 to $1000 a month for a couple who buys local and organic and does all their cooking.
  • Local car rental averages between $550 and $650 a month.
  • Birth Art, Sound Healings, Body Art, Blessing Ways, Ceremonies range from $150-$300 per session.
  • Initial dolphin Swim, photography, and videography $150
  • Birth Doula/Assistant $500
  • Labor Sound Healing $300

When should I arrive and how long should I stay?

Ideally you will want to arrive at least 4 weeks before your estimated due date and stay for at least 4 weeks after the baby is born.  Usually women come two months before their due date and at the same time some women have arrived a couple weeks before the baby comes.  Ultimately this is your experience!

I live in another country, how does this work?

We have had many women from different countries birth their babies here.  Everything works the same.  The only difference is you need to apply for a visa.  After the birth of  your baby, your baby will receive a birth certificate and a social security number in which you can apply for a passport for your travels back.




We are here to nurture you and support you and your baby!

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