Conscious Pregnancy Retreat

Aloha and Welcome to Conscious Pregnancy Yoga

and Dolphin Retreats

Nurture Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

7 and 10 day Conscious Pregnancy Retreats on the Big Island of Hawaii


Join us for an experience of a lifetime!


How Would You Like To

Rise to the simple beauty of nature!
Dive into the underworld and share space with its magnificent creatures.
Explore and reestablish a connection to yourself and your life’s purpose.
Learn tools and techniques to communicate love and connect deeply to your unborn child.
A complete adventure for the mind, body, and spirit.

IMAGINE being warmly woken by the singing birds. You open your eyes to the deep blue ocean illuminated by the rising sun.
Looking around, the land is mountainous and lush with colorful budding flowers and fruiting trees. In the distance you see fins of dolphins surfacing. You wonder what it will be like to experience them in their underworld.
You have heard dolphins are attracted to pregnant women and they are known to be healers and you question its truth. The 1/2 mile ride down to the bay is quick, now you have a closer view of the wild spinner dolphins. They are so graceful. Then you see them jump and spin as if they are putting on this breath taking show for you. You put on your mask and snorkel to enter the fresh clear water. The underworld is full of colorful fish, coral and plants. It feels amazingly peaceful. As you turn you see your first glimpse of a pod of dolphins less than 20 feet away. Words can’t explain this moment nor the following 40 minutes but FEELINGS OF PEACE, calm, and playful fill your body. A quick ride back to the sanctuary you are staying at and you didn’t even realize the hunger until you see the gourmet breakfast. A quick rinse, comfortable clothes and a relaxed meal on the lanai over looking the underworld you just experienced.


A pregnant woman’s courageous story to follow her hearts calling to birth with dolphins
in the most epic time of her life. Read More….

Naiya~Journey Into Life

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Imagine Taking Time For Yourself During Your Pregnancy

What would you do with your time? Is there such a thing as “free time” considering our hectic schedules filled with more responsibilities than time available?

Take a minute to dream about a perfect pregnancy, a perfect birth, and a perfect family situation. What would this dream look like?

As busy women in our nonstop world, we maybe short changing ourselves and sacrificing our dreams for our jobs, partners, kids, family, friends and other people or things.

Conscious Pregnancy Retreats gives you a chance to step outside your chaotic life and dive

into your inner self; your desires, dreams and passions.

See and experience with clarity. Feel the freedom, support, and power of taking control of your life. Imagine your thoughts, feelings, and hormones that you will share with your developing baby.

Unplug, Relax, Breathe Deep, And Enjoy!

I welcome all of you!

  • You may be married, single, divorced or in a partnership
  • You may want to celebrate your pregnancy in a special way
  • You may be confused, afraid, or feel alone
  • You may suffer from pain such as fibroids, low back, headaches…
  • You may be debating keeping your baby because of fear of life changes, uncertainty, or feeling overwhelmed
  • You may be in an unstable or abusive relationship
  • Maybe this was an unplanned pregnancy and you feel pressure from friends or family
  • Maybe you are so busy with work and life; you can’t find the time to do the things you want
  • Maybe you want to create a deeper bond with your baby and are unsure of how to do it
  • Maybe you want to be heard, and feel like nobody understands
  • You may feel trapped and can’t see a way out
  • Maybe you just need a break; some time to regroup and feel alive again


Pregnancy, by itself, is stressful.

Whether you are overjoyed with excitement or frightened and unsure, your physical body is under stress, your thoughts are racing with; what ifs, what needs to be done, and how is it going to get done, while your emotions are riding a wild roller coaster.

Some women feel pressured to exhibit happiness during their gift of pregnancy, and are afraid to share their inner feelings of anxiety and of being overwhelmed. They are unsure of how to navigate their journey.

At times it seems there is no one to talk to, friends are too busy with their lives, while family plays off your emotions and tries to reassure you “it’s just nine months”. It’s a lot of stress, and no matter how much you try to explain things to your partner they just don’t get it.

Sometimes life feels so chaotic you can’t navigate your own thoughts and feelings, and

wish you could just stop, drop back and regroup.

This is your chance! I know how hard it is to take time out. Your feelings that I can’t stop, there is too much to do and if I can just get these next few things done or get past this day or week I will finally be able to take a break are very common feeling among expecting mothers. However, the break never comes. One thing on top of the other and a rolling snowball has formed going down, down, down at full speed. (You can read my story here.) But…

You have the opportunity to STOP the snowball now!

I promise you can take a break from your daily life now. Seize the moment and give

yourself an opportunity to create the pregnancy and life you desire.

Along with relaxing massages, daily movement and fresh natural foods, each Conscious Pregnancy Retreat is guided by my intuition in order to meet your needs and assist you in unleashing your inner wisdom, love, and power.

I guarantee you will not only leave the retreat feeling revitalized, you will also maintain awareness to prevent yourself from slipping away from the life you desire, and the tools necessary to stay on track.

The truth is you are not alone.

We live in a society that does not support the needs of pregnant women. Our society does not support health, vitality, happiness, and inner peace. But we can consciously create it. You deserve it. Your Unborn Baby deserves it. Our Future deserves it.

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