imagine our world happy documentary Dorina Rosin’s dolphin assited birth…the truth

Imagine our world happy!  Dorina and Maika go on the unexpected journey of pregnancy, birth, and parenting…As reflect on their journey i am sitting in awe…the world of trust she and they live in.

They chose not to have any tests or ultra sounds throughout their pregnancy including a pregnancy test itself…not even a home pee test… that was the beginning of questioning for them and how they want to bring their baby into the world.

Diving deep into releasing fears and past traumas, their beautiful sound healings, dolphin swims, birth art, body painting, blessing way and connecting with ohana (family)

She is the 5th women in the documentary and because she lived in Hawaii we all came together over her pregnancy, being surrounded by many pregnant women and them sharing in their journeys and births!

like always feedback and sharing are greatly appreciated!  Campaign should be going live Jan 2, 2016

Imagine Our World Happy Ksusha’s dolphin led birth journey Hawaii

Imagine Our World Happy, healing our world through dolphins pregnancy and childbirth…

Oh my Ksusha Barber, what sacred fun months we had!! Arriving Hawaii with little Kai, you were this shining star with the hugest smile in the greatest depths of gratitude!

The trust in yourself, in the way your baby wanted to be birthed, bringing your family here without knowing how it was going to happen, the lovely support of your husband Ryan Barber, spending days in the deep blue ocean with the dolphins and turtles…body painting, blessing way, and just being the light you are!

Thank you for being so bright and trusting, sharing your gifts with all of us and bringing your little Maika into the world with that knowing!

Reflecting on Marias dolphin led birth journey for the documentary Imagine Our World Happy

Reflecting on the beautiful journey of Maria Alfonsin: Imagine Our World Happy, healing our world through dolphins pregnancy and childbirth…

What a blessing to meet maria in her early pregnancy!  From the moment we had our first skype talk it was instant soul sisterhood!  and her partner Matthew is a pretty cool guy too 🙂

Arriving to Hawaii at the end of her first trimester/early second to test the dolphin waters… what magical fun days we had, deep journeys into trust and joy…Such an honor to witness each moment of letting go and filling up with more joy and happiness from sound healings, drum circles, birth art, her amazing cooking skills for our retreat, and living in true sisterhood!

The way you birthed your sweet girl into this world will always be remembered!

Enjoy my reflections on her journey with commentary and photos! Please feel free to share and give feedback!

Imagine Our World Happy, my reflection on Jinju’s birth journey to be with wild dolphins

The second woman I had the honor of filming for the documentary Imagine Our World Happy, healing our world through dolphins, pregnancy and childbirth, was Jinju Dasalla, a shining star…her incredible courage, trust, and heart guiding her through the most exciting and most difficult moments and decisions of her life…a birth journey to remember and hold dear to my heart.

Imagine Our World Happy the 5 Women Tasha Maile Unassisted footling breech birth at home

Throughout the filming of Imagine our World happy, Healing our World through Dolphins, Pregnancy and Childbirth, I had many growth opportunities to dive deeper into my trust and support pregnant women on their birth journeys.

Tasha is so strong and was so in her knowing that this is the way her baby wanted to be born, and she knew she could do it…a beautiful heart expanding experience to witness and carry forever.

thank you tasha!

The Inspiration of Imagine Our World Happy Documentary…Healing our world through dolphins pregnancy and childbirth

I wanted to share a little about the inspiration behind the documentary: Imagine Our World Happy, Healing our world through dolphins, pregnancy, and childbirth.

It took me years and many life changing circumstances to finally take the leap in trust to fulfill my dreams.  Dreams of birthing with wild dolphins, and then later creating a sanctuary for other women to come to in order to fulfill their wild dolphin birth dreams.

The documentary focuses on 5 women’s journeys of following their intuition and trusting in their ability to birth their babies they way they feel best.

Your Thoughts Affect Your Unborn Child

Do Your Thoughts Affect Your Unborn Baby?

Do you know your unborn baby is a deeply sensitive individual who
forms a powerful relationship  with his or her parents, and the
outside world, while still in the womb?

Much research has been done to prove how the link between negative
thoughts, emotions, and the  stress response injures the  unborn
child while optimism and loving emotions nurture your unborn baby.

In Biology of Belief, cell biologist, neuroscientist, and Stanford
researcher, Bruce Lipton, PhD, discusses how thoughts “perceived by
their mothers before birth” allow the unborn infant to “optimize
their  genetic and physiologic development.”

Environmental Signals can determine what the genes do.  Lipton
writes,  “Genes are not destiny! Environmental influences,
including nutrition,  stress and emotions, can modify those genes,
without changing their  basic blueprint.  And those modifications,
epigeneticists have  discovered, can be passed on to future

It is important to understand why it is important to communicate
love and acceptance to the baby you carry within.  You may already
know your unborn baby can see, hear, and remember (depending on how
many weeks gestation s/he is) but do you know you can communicate
in a way to nurture calm and soothing, preparing him/her for a life
of confidence and ease.

Do you know psychologist now contend, prenatal life and the birth
experience are often profound determinants of human personality and
aptitude.  Psychologists have traced such qualities as self
confidence, depression, and addictive behavior to experiences in
the womb. (Thomas Verny, Nurturing the Unborn Child)

Knowing these findings, would you like to optimize the emotional
and intellectual  potential of your baby?

This is exactly what you will learn to do in this weekly
newsletter.  You will receive scientifically proven exercises for
relaxing and nurturing yourself as well as stimulating your unborn
baby.  When you are able to relax yourself you will eliminate or
reduce the production of stress hormones such as adrenaline and
noradrenaline which may flow across the placental wall to reach
your unborn baby!

Here are a few good quotes to keep you excited for the upcoming

Dr. Oz said that the roots of each person’s obesity, aging, and
beauty  “go all the way back to the womb and the choices our
mother’s made way  back then.”

Positive thoughts may be the ultimate health tip for a pregnant
woman:  “That growth-promoting awareness and intention can produce
a  smarter, healthier and happier baby,” Bruce Lipton, PhD, Biology
of  Belief.

“Pregnancy is not just something that is happening to you; it is a
miraculous unfolding that you are co-creating. For nine months, you
are  your baby’s environment, and your baby is affected by each one
of your  experiences.” Deepak Chopra, MD, Magical Beginnings,
Enchanted Lives

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