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How Conscious Pregnancy was Birthed…

When I found out I was pregnant I was scared. I was a newly single mom, co-running a business and pregnant. I had just separated from my husband, we were in the process of losing our house, my family wanted me to have an abortion, and the father of the unborn baby was not in the picture. To say the least, I was stressed, afraid, lonely and confused. This may have been the most stressful time in my life and how in the world was I going to nurture my unborn child, raise Kaden my two year old, and run a business?

James, my ex-husband, Kaden’s dad was my first glimpse of hope and relief when he embraced me with his love and support. I was 8 weeks pregnant. From this moment forward I slowly crept out of my fears and stress and embraced my new life. I became inspired to start a documentary with my own pregnancy.

Around the same time, I was invited to a women’s dream circle. I had no idea what this was but it interested me. I went with no expectations and left full of love, light and inspiration. This triggered a new awakening in my spiritual path.

I embarked on a conscious pregnancy journey and life, my self-work deepened and I learned how to trust in myself, my intuition, and how to communicate with my unborn child.
At this moment I followed my intuition and chose to birth my unborn baby in Hawaii.

At 32 weeks pregnant, Kaden my three year old son and I embarked on our Hawaii adventure. An Adventure that provided more healing, love, peace, and inspiration than I could have ever imagined. Every day Kaden and I would wake up, eat breakfast and go to the bay where we swam with wild spinner dolphins. This alone was one of the deepest healings I received.

I developed loving relationships with Ben, the director and videographer of the documentary, B, my housemate, Star, my first connection to Hawaii, April and Mala, my midwives, the dolphins, and my family and I reconnected with a deeper love and understanding for one another. These months became the best months of my life. James arrived for the birth of Naiya, offering his love and support.

After my three months in Hawaii, nurturing my son and unborn baby, swimming with the wild dolphins, taking time away from the stress of daily life, I realized every pregnant woman should be gifted some sort of experience like this. The experience I had was freeing, joyous, relaxing, nourishing and nurturing. It inspired me and taught me the importance of stopping my mind from racing in the midst of chaos and finding peace through forgiveness. I released my list of “have to’s”, forgive my guilt, forgive others, and release my fears and stress.

Those three months allowed me to reconnect with myself and my purpose in life. Something I had lost in my day-to-day life.

This is how the documentary Naiya Journey Into Life came about. As I let go of my should do’s, need to do’s and doubts I found myself living a dream that seemed to good to be true.

by Kim Nelli

You can watch the documentary below.

Naiya~Journey Into Life

After Naiya’s birth I was in bliss. How did life turn to such beauty from such fear? I believe a combination of finding love and support from a loved one, reconnecting to my true self, gifting myself with healings, finding peace in times of chaos, finding trust in my intuition, letting go of expectations, allowing the universe to unfold and following its guidance, taking initiative/ownership of my fears and transforming them to peace and following what was truly in my heart as well as learning the importance of connecting and nurturing my unborn child.

Every woman enters pregnancy with a different story. My experience maybe a little more dramatic than your current situation or maybe you too feel alone and scared. Maybe the pregnancy is a surprise and you are overwhelmed, maybe it was planned and you are filled with joy, maybe you have been trying for years and finally IVF worked, maybe your pregnancy was planned and now you have fears about birth and motherhood or maybe you are thinking of conceiving. Maybe you are in a happy partnership, maybe you are single, maybe your partner has passed…these retreats are to nourish all women thinking of having a baby, pregnant women and their partners.

It became so clear every preconception and pregnant woman can experience the joy, freedom, love, and peace that I felt, but how? Is it feasible to take a few months away from life? For most women the answer is NO, but you can take a week or 10 days from your hectic life to not only experience peace, love, joy, and trust but also learn tools and techniques that you can incorporate into your daily life to reduce stress, confront your fears and expectations, connect to your unborn baby and nurture your mind, body and spirit. I have collaborated with many women and men to create these conscious pregnancy retreats.

by Kim Nelli

Nurture yourself and see how life changes!


What we do, what we know, and what we are still learning:


Kimberly Nelli Conscious Pregnancy RetreatsKimberly Nelli I am the founder of Conscious Pregnancy Retreats, co-founder of Fit For Birth, and co-founder of The Dolphin Generation.

When I embarked on my first pregnancy journey I shifted my entire life to support ny new passions: working with pregnant women, natural childbirth, and parenting. My personal training business now focused on pregnant and postpartum women, I studied midwifery at the International School of Midwifery, taught natural childbirth classes, and then became engulfed in different parenting disciplines.

The surprise pregnancy of Naiya set me on another journey. During these months I became more deeply involved with the magic of pregnancy. I learned how to tap into my intuition, connect with my unborn baby, and release my mind. I became a disciplined student of Non-Violent Communication, Womb Harmonics, and Pre-Parenting. As I let down my barriers and fears I found myrself in Hawaii producing a documentary Naiya: Journey Into Life.

Now I have collaborated with Allison Lu-Villejas, Sarah Skogberg and Jenna Humphreys to provide a nurturing environment for women looking to become pregnant, those who are pregnant, and mothers. I use a blend of mindful disciplines to help women connect to themselves, their partners, their unborn children, and their life’s purpose.


Yu-Wen Allison Lu. My name is Allison Lu, founder of The Dolphin’s Way and co-founder of The Dolphin Generation. I was a mathematician, teacher and PhD student, studying education and technology at the University of Cambridge in the UK.

Five years ago, I embarked upon a world traveling adventure and it has been a transformative, enlightening experience that continues through this very day!

As most women can attest, pregnancy was a very transformative experience. But my pregnancy was transformative in another way, as it rekindled my love of dolphins; a passion with roots that can be traced back to early childhood. I was blessed with the incredible opportunity to swim with wild dolphins as I was pregnant and the experience was beyond that which mere words can convey!

I went on to enjoy a peaceful, natural birth while living in Hawaii. It was these two very transformative experiences that led me to my lot in life; my mission; my reason for being.

Today, I spend my time engaged in my passions as a writer, dolphin and pregnancy retreat facilitator, documentary producer, mother and a natural birth advocate, who finds tremendous inspiration in dolphin energies.


Sarah Skogberg Pregnancy RetreatSarah Skogberg– I am a woman and mother of 2 angels born at home. I am a lover of life and all of its magic especially women’s blood mysteries and rights of passages~
In 2006 during the birth of my first child, my son Aiden, I Remembered that I was here to share with and guide other mothers through this rite of passage and journey of transformation. 18 months later I began studying and practicing as a birth and postpartum doula in Santa Barbara, Ca.

In 2009 I felt clear that I wanted to take this service to a deeper place, so I enrolled in Midwifery school and began apprenticing with midwife Mary Jackson (www.birthinconnection.com), who is participating in cutting edge research about imprints that occur around the time of conception, pregnancy and birth and how they affect us throughout the rest of our lives and what it takes to heal from challenges in these experiences. For 2 and a half years I observed and participated in Mary’s homebirth practice, integrating so much of my own conception and birth imprints, what an inspiration and gift!
When my partner and I consciously conceived our 2nd child in 2010, my daughter Kaylani, I immediately became drawn to dolphins, and I began to explore in my minds eye a reaccuring vision of becoming a bridge between humans and dolphins through birth work.

Now I find myself co-creating this reality with some beautiful sisters! Bringing women, couples, and families together with the dolphins in honor of baby spirits who have yet to come, pregnancy journeys, and families with young children is a dream come true. I am delighted to be a witness, guide, and support layer for all who share this dream, collectively raising our vibration with the help of our cetacean friends from pre-conception onward~*~Mahalo~*


Jenna Pregnancy Retreats

Jenna Humphreys – I am a licensed midwife in California, and a passionate advocate for empowering women and nurturing families. I was called to work with birth in 2008, and followed an incredibly divinely led path, which took me around the world to train as a midwife, and eventually led me back home to Santa Barbara, Ca.

I began work with the cetaceans when Sarah asked me in 2013 if I would consider traveling to Hawaii with her to follow her dream of connecting with dolphins. Being a traveler and a lover of dreams, I said yes! On our first journey to Hawaii, I began remembering many connections I had had with whales and dolphins throughout my childhood and early life.

I am thrilled, awed, and excited to be working on connecting women with dolphins, nature, and themselves, in all phases of life. I’m especially thankful to the babies and baby spirits-to-be that teach us so much about pure presence. May we never forget!


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